Montague Center Fire
28 Old Sunderland Rd
Montague, MA 01351

Line Officers

Assistant Chief Richard Sawin

Joined the department in January of 1978, became Fire Inspector / Investigator in October of 1985. Started his fire Science Degree in 1995 and received his degree in 2008

Assistant Chief Gary Dion

Joined the department in May of 1982. He became captain in 1991 and Assistant Chief in 1992. He is our Training Officer

Captain Mark Fisk

Joined the department in September of 1974. He is our Safety Officer and Assistant Training Officer.

Captain Larry Peters Jr.

Joined the department in April of 1985. He became Lieutenant in 1992 and captain in 2012. He trained as an EMT-A. He currently administers the County Fire Recruit Training Program at Montague Center.

Captain Adam Sirum

Joined the department in June of 1990. He trainined as an EMT-A. He became Lieutenant in 1993 and captain in 2012, and is our Equipment Maintenance Officer.

Lieutenant David Rehorka

Joined the department in 1993, and is the Junior Firefighter Co-Coordinator and a fire Instructor, promoted to Lieutenant 6/6/13

Lieutenant George Emery