Montague Center Fire
28 Old Sunderland Rd
Montague, MA 01351

About Us

Montague Center Fire Department proudly protects 2078 people living in an area of 9.8 square miles. Our department is a public department whose Volunteer members receive an annual honorarium. We have an ISO rating of 6.

We were first incorporated in 1941 and cover a rural, farm land and residential portion of our Town. Our western border runs about 3 miles along the Connecticut River.

We provide fire protection, inspections, Hazmat, and light rescue services to our customers. In addition we respond EMT's and first responders under a dual response program with a private paramedic ambulance service. Our first responders are semi-automatic defibrilator certified.

We currently have 25 firefighters trained to Mass Firefighter Level 2. We have 3 Chief officers, 4 Captains and 3 lieutenants.