Montague Center Fire
28 Old Sunderland Rd
Montague, MA 01351

Available Jobs

Firefighters - there is a minimum training requirement, however all training and equipment are provided. Firefighters are on call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Since every firefighter cannot make every call, it is important to have as many individuals available throughout each hour of the day. Firefighting activities are strenuous and require good physical conditioning. The Progam meets monthly and takes about two years to complete. Contact the Fire Chief

EMS Providers - If you have an interest in learning the skills required to be a First Responder or Emergency Medical Technician, you can assist the fire company by treating injured or ill people at emergency scenes. All training and equipment are provided by the fire company. Please contact the Medical Officer or the Fire Chief.

Not everyone wants to be a firefighter or an EMT. There are many non-firefighting jobs, especially clerical, fund raising, building and equipment maintenance, vehicle maintenence, recruitment and retention, web design, public education and relations. By utilizing volunteer labor, we can keep our operating costs down and lower the burden on fundraising efforts and tax dollar support.

Skilled Trades People - We have many projects involving carpentry, painting, masonry, welding, plumbing and heating. If you would be willing to provide your services and tools for these projects, please contact the Fire Chief.

Materials are provided Fundraisers - We need many folks to help out with various fundraisers. Serving food, washing dishes, cooking and clean up are all required at our suppers. We have many other functions that require help too. If you have an idea for a fundraiser and would like to chair a committee please contact the President of the Firefighters Association.